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Craig Feinberg

Creative Director

Craig Holden Feinberg grew up in Columbia, Maryland, and received his BFA in graphic design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Thesis Citation and Faculty Award. After graduation he moved to Denver where he worked as a design consultant on integrated design projects for several corporations. Intent on furthering his design experience, he was accepted at Fabrica, The United Colors of Benetton Communications Research and Development Center in Treviso, Italy. At Fabrica, Craig worked under Omar Vulpinari as a multi-disciplined designer, creating graphic designs for international print advertising campaigns to support Fabrica clients worldwide, including the World Health Organization, Fabrica, FAB Magazine, United Colors of Benetton, Arte Fiera, La Ghirada Health Center, Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, and the Warsaw Children’s Hospital.

Most recently, Craig was the Creative Director at Begson, a branding and design agency in Los Angeles, California. At Begson, Craig worked with design clients including CB2, Creative Recreation, Perez Hilton, and Jewish Family Service. Craig's designs were featured in Taschen's Contemporary Graphic Design, and he recently completed his first book project with Charlotte & Peter Fiell, the former design editors of TASCHEN. The Little Book of Shocking Food Facts (Fiell Publications) launched at the 2014 London Book Fair.

Craig's designs have been featured in COLORS magazine, VORN magazine, CLEAR magazine, SWINDLE magazine, FAB magazine, Fabrica Files / Fabrica 10 (published by Electa), and Color & Layout From Asparagus White to Burnt Olives, a book published by MAOMAO. Craig's honors include The 2004 Reporters Without Borders campaign out of Paris, France, and he was the Silver Prize winner at the 2004 Design Do! competition sponsored by the International Design Center Nagoya (IDCN), in Nagoya, Japan. Craig has lectured in Italy, England, Germany, Japan, and throughout the United States. Craig also presented at the National AIGA Conference on Image, Object, Space hosted by Katherine and Michael McCoy in Colorado, and has taught at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Drexel University, and the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Craig has worked on custom projects with Walls360 as a CUSTOMER since 2012, and joined the team full time in 2015.

Matthew McCalla


Digital Content Creator. Matt has produced and directed hip-hop videos for emerging talent in the Bay Area and Las Vegas that have been viewed millions of times online, and he recently worked as a cinematographer with acclaimed indie filmmaker Kevin Epps on 'The Black Rock', a documentary exploring the African-American experience at Alcatraz. Matt's work has appeared on The Discovery Channel, The History Channel,,,,, and Matt joined the Walls360 on-demand production team in 2011, and is the team lead on the nascent Walls360 URBAN FARMING project at our Las Vegas wall graphics factory.

Jim Escobedo


Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jim has lived in Las Vegas since 2010, and has a background in sales, customer service, and on-demand event marketing solutions. Jim is currently studying graphic design + digital printing, and is the team lead on Walls360's new recycling program with Opportunity Village, in which excess production materials are recycled for the Opportunity Village ART PROGRAM in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jim joined the Walls360 on-demand production team in 2015.

Spencer Olsen

Designer + Pre-Press

Spencer Olsen is a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist working in a range of styles, subjects, and mediums. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he began showing his pen and ink illustrations in 2012. In 2015, Spencer created a mural for the ART MOTEL at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas, and joined the Walls360 team in 2016.


Artist In Residence

Vulcan's murals have graced hundreds of walls + trains in his native New York over the years, and his artwork appears throughout books chronicling the history of spray can + urban art. Vulcan's murals have shown in museums, his art can be found on platinum album covers, and his abstract canvases hang in private + corporate collections globally. He first performed at Harlem's Apollo Theater when he was five, sang in funk + heavy metal bands, worked for years as a DJ in underground clubs, produced chart-topping electronic music, and is an accomplished kalimba player. He has written for VIBE, chronicled the underground motorcycle stunt scene in New York City, traveled the world painting live at hip-hop festivals, spoken at NYU + Yale on the history of urban art, competed in international video game competitions, and is currently working on his second screenplay. Vulcan's fine art adorns the walls of Zazzle (with Chor Boogie + Apex), Danger Labs, and Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. Vulcan also created one of the first 'Painted Rooms' at the acclaimed Hotel des Arts, and one of his murals covers the walls of Grey Advertising in San Francisco. Vulcan has painted live for Scion and Sun Microsystems, created a series of custom labels for the launch of Oronoco rum from DIAGEO, and has painted everything from walls and servers to 'Droids for Google. Vulcan's first public gallery exhibitions were with Patti Astor's FUN Gallery in New York, and his first West Coast solo show opened at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco.

Tavia Campbell


Tavia started college at 15 and received a BFA in Art History and a BA in Eastern European Studies from the University of Texas, Austin. As an undergraduate, Tavia set sales records selling dorm room art posters to UT's 40,000 students! Tavia received an MA in International Relations from the University of Denver and studied at the Prague School of Economics and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. NGO translator (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian), & refugee community liaison. Tavia has been experimenting with fine art printing for nearly twenty years and created the world's first curated on-demand wall graphic storefronts. She designed and built WALLS 360's state-of-the-art on-demand wall graphics production and fulfillment infrastructure in Las Vegas.

John Doffing


Art + Technology Entrepreneur. Background: CEO and founder of START MOBILE (failed mobile content startup). Into the Pixel juror (curated international video game art exhibition). Creator and curator of multiple pioneering video game art exhibitions. Founder of START SOMA art gallery, San Francisco. Hotel des Arts curator and 'Painted Rooms' exhibition creator. PROPAGANDA creator and curator (international political poster exhibitions). First online art experiments in 1995 ( + multiple first-generation web / art projects with Business Volunteers for the Arts, San Francisco). Technology Startups: Virtual i-0 (VR HMDs + 3D Content), Virtual Technologies (Haptic Interfaces), VictorMaxx Technologies (VR HMDs), Start, Inc. (Startup Recruiting), AtHoc (Online Marketing), Paraform (3D NURBS Modeling), Start Mobile (Mobile Content). Marquette University: BA, triple major, Phi Beta Kappa. St. John's College, Cambridge University: BA/MA, Honours, football, rugby, crew, Davies-Jackson Scholar, Mansergh Prize. Favorite video game of all time: Dragon's Lair.

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