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Simon Westbrook


Simon Westbrook brings extensive company-building, operations, and finance experience to the Walls 360 Board of Directors. Throughout his career, Mr. Westbrook has been involved in three initial public offerings, two secondary public offerings, multiple M&A transactions, and countless rounds of venture capital and angel financing.

Simon Westbrook is currently contracted to serve the role of Chief Financial Officer for a number of early stage technology companies in Silicon Valley. Previous full time assignments have included CFO of Public Wireless (wireless communication infrastructure), Nanoamp Solutions (memory IC), and Amber Networks (VoIP and wireless communications). Prior to joining Amber, Mr. Westbrook was CEO of MessageSoft (messaging software business acquired by SurfControl), and the Chief Financial Officer at Sage, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAGI), a Silicon Valley company specializing in flat panel displays. Before joining Sage, Mr. Westbrook held a number of senior financial positions at Creative Technology (NASDAQ: CREAF), a leading PC multimedia company, and Atari Corp (AMEX: ATC), the video game and home computer company both in the USA and overseas. At various times, he has held positions as an advisory board member of the Silicon Valley Financial Executives institute, and various technology start-up companies where he has assisted in strategic planning, fund raising and team development.

Simon Westbrook is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University.



Mark has a background in large multinationals as well as startups. He worked 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Corporate Finance and Strategy Consulting roles working in the UK, Asia and the US, where he became a Chartered Accountant. He then spent 4 years as General Manager of Business Development with Australia’s largest retail conglomerate where he launched new businesses, managed an acquisition and integration and also was pivotal in relaunching the digital business. He then spent 4 years as CEO of a UK branded restaurant chain based in Australia where he led a business turnaround. E-commerce was always his main passion and so he then launched a successful online shoe retailer in Australia which he grew to $25m in revenue and then exited to Australia’s largest footwear wholesaler. Then in April, 2013 he decided to get involved with Tony Hsieh’s efforts to revitalize Downtown Las Vegas and create an amazing entrepreneurially minded community which is the $350 million investment of the Downtown Project. Mark is currently CEO of ROCeteer, a coaching, mentoring and training company supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems and also CEO of DTP Ventures an arm of the Downtown Project.

Vivian Stewart


Vivian is the Founder and Managing Director of corporate advisory firm Callafin Pty Limited. Vivian has over 16 years of M&A transaction experience and a wealth of multi-disciplinary business experience. He has co-founded several successful companies, including one of Australia's first Internet Service Providers and leading angel investment group Sydney Angels, sits on the Board of listed telecommunications carrier BigAir Group.

Tavia Campbell


Tavia started college at 15 and received a BFA in Art History and a BA in Eastern European Studies from the University of Texas, Austin. As an undergraduate, Tavia set sales records selling dorm room art posters to UT's 40,000 students! Tavia received an MA in International Relations from the University of Denver and studied at the Prague School of Economics and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. NGO translator (Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian), & refugee community liaison. Tavia has been experimenting with fine art printing for nearly twenty years and created the world's first curated on-demand wall graphic storefronts. She designed and built WALLS 360's state-of-the-art on-demand wall graphics production and fulfillment infrastructure in Las Vegas.

John Doffing


Art + Technology Entrepreneur. Background: CEO and founder of START MOBILE (failed mobile content startup). Into the Pixel juror (curated international video game art exhibition). Creator and curator of multiple pioneering video game art exhibitions. Founder of START SOMA art gallery, San Francisco. Hotel des Arts curator and 'Painted Rooms' exhibition creator. PROPAGANDA creator and curator (international political poster exhibitions). First online art experiments in 1995 ( + multiple first-generation web / art projects with Business Volunteers for the Arts, San Francisco). Technology Startups: Virtual i-0 (VR HMDs + 3D Content), Virtual Technologies (Haptic Interfaces), VictorMaxx Technologies (VR HMDs), Start, Inc. (Startup Recruiting), AtHoc (Online Marketing), Paraform (3D NURBS Modeling), Start Mobile (Mobile Content). Marquette University: BA, triple major, Phi Beta Kappa. St. John's College, Cambridge University: BA/MA, Honours, football, rugby, crew, Davies-Jackson Scholar, Mansergh Prize. Favorite video game of all time: Dragon's Lair.

Nadege Barthelmy


Nadege Barthelmy is a U.S. Air Force Veteran. Currently, she is pursuing BSBA degree in Accounting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a former Director of the Rebel Venture Fund, UNLV's student-run Venture Capital Fund. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to continue her education by obtaining her Masters of Science in Accounting. Her aspiration upon graduation includes receiving her CPA designation, working in public accounting and eventually opening up her own accounting firm. Meet Nadege Barthelmy: Director at Rebel Venture Fund

Khalon Richard


Khalon Richard is a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, currently pursuing BSBA degrees in Finance and Marketing, and a minor in French language. She has been involved in the Lee Business School (LBS) during all of her years at UNLV, serving as an LBS Ambassador both locally and abroad, and working on the Dean’s strategic planning committee to help shape the future of the college. Currently, Khalon serves as the executive director of the Rebel Venture Fund, UNLV’s entirely student run venture capital fund.

Adrian Bunter


Previously a Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Private Clients and Mergers & Acquisitions groups, Adrian has a strong background in accounting and finance and can quickly assist with understanding the financial drivers of a business and how to better leverage financial performance and improve value.

Adrian has been involved with over 50 acquisition, sale or capital raising transactions, and has provided advice and guidance to many more companies about growth strategies. Adrian has undertaken significant early stage; high growth and commercialisation work with clients over many years, is an investor and mentor to early stage businesses and also sits on the management committee of Sydney Angels.

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